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 Using the NetDotCom Internet Dialer

The NetDotCom Internet Dialer simplifies managing your Internet access by grouping all of the settings and options related to dialing in to NetDotCom in one location.

Getting the dialer.

If the dialer is not already installed on your computer you can download it by clicking here .

Note: The dialer is normally installed as part of NetDotCom's Internet Setup Wizard available here. The Internet Setup Wizard also configures your email program.

Using the dialer.

 Double click on your web browser, email or the NetDotCom Internet Dialer icon shown below.


The main NetDotCom Internet Dialer window is shown below. If the dialer was installed as part of the NetDotCom Internet Setup Wizard, then your username, password and dialup number have already been preset. Listed at the bottom of the window is the status section. It shows exactly how the access number will be dialed and the last connection date/time. Click on the Connect button to go online.

If you need to select a different access number click on the Select button. To change the way the number is dialed, click on the Properties button to display the "Location Properties" window. The Options button provides access to settings that controls the behavior of the dialer itself.


Selecting a new dial up number

Select the local dialup number for you location.  You can search by state, city or area code. Click on the number that is a local call, then click on the OK button. If multiple numbers are available, you can try each number, using the number that gives the best connection. Consult your local telephone directory or with your telephone company to determine local access numbers. NetDotCom is not responsible for toll charges on your phone bill!


Location Properties Settings

The Location Properties controls how the phone number is dialed. How the number is dialed can change from location to location; at home, an office, another city, etc. If you frequently travel, you can setup different "Location Properties" to control how the access number is to be dialed. 

Click New to create additional locations.

Set the telephone area code of the computers current location. IMPORTANT: The area code IS NOT the same as the zip code.

If you are in an business office, hotel room, etc. You may have to dial an 8 or 9 to connect to an outside line. If so, type the access number in the box followed by a comma. The "comma" is to the left of the "period" on your keyboard.

To disable call waiting (only if it is active on your phone line), check the box and select the proper code used by your local telephone company. The usual code is: *70,

Select the proper option to control whether the dialup number is dialed as 7, 10 or long distance number.

Click OK when the "Dial As:" shows the correct number and access codes.


Dialer Options Settings

Each dialer options panel is shown with its default settings. Usually no changes are necessary. The defaults are listed here for reference.

Redial: Controls how many attempts the dialer will try to connect in the event it can't connect on the first try.

Save Password: Instructs the dialer to remember the last successful password.  If unchecked the password must be typed in each time you go online.

Prompt to Disconnect: Dialer will ask you before disconnecting.

Show Mini Stats Window: A small window showing amount of data to and from the Internet.

Auto Launch Default Browser: Dialer will automatically start your web browser if it is not already running.


None of these settings should be changed unless instructed by NetDotCom or your computer or modem manufacturer.


The NetDotCom Internet Dialer will automatically check NetDotComs' website for any updates to the dialer. Updates include changes to dialup access numbers, dialer  enhancements or fixes to correct dialer errors.

If an update is available the dialer would alert you and allow you to download the update.

The dialer never sends any data about you back to NetDotCom.


Windows XP includes a firewall to protect you from Internet based threats that exploit weaknesses in Windows XP.

Because of the limited functionality of the XP firewall, NetDotCom recommends you leave the XP firewall disabled and install a more robust firewall like Zone Alarm from Zone Labs


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