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 Internet Setup Wizard

We suggest you download our Windows Internet Setup Wizard to create the dial-up connection and setup your e-mail programs quickly and easily.

 E-Mail Wizard

You can also download and use NetDotCom's Windows E-Mail Setup Wizard to setup Outlook Express, Outlook & Netscape e-mail programs quickly and easily.

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 How to download programs and files.

Many times you will be instructed to download a program or data file to you computer.

Downloading is simply the process of transferring a computer program or data file from some other computer to your computer.

Normally you'll be instructed to download the file from a website or through an email.

How to download

When you click on the button or link to download the file a window will pop-up similar to the one shown below. It shows the name of the file being downloaded and the where it is being downloaded from.

Normally you will click on the Save button.


After you click the Save button, you will be shown the "Save As" window (shown below) which is used to select the location on your computer that the file is saved to.

In the example below, the "My Received Files" is selected as the location to save the file to. Note: The "Save in:" box shows "My Received Files". If you wish to save the file to a different location, you can click on the "down arrow" at the right end of the "Save In:" box and navigate to the desired location or click on one of the quick location buttons listed along the left edge.

NetDotCom recommends you save any downloaded files to "My Documents" or a folder within "My Documents" such as "My Received Files".

It is important to remember the location that you are saving the file to so you can find it after it is transferred to your computer.

When you have selected the location, click on the Save button to actually transfer the file to your computer. A window will then appear that will show the status of the download.


After the download completes you can run or open the downloaded file using this procedure:

1. Click on the Start button
2. Select Run
3. Click the Browse button
4. Navigate to the location you saved the file to
5. Click on the desired file
6. Click the Open button
7. Click the OK button on the "Run" window


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