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 Internet Dialer

You can download NetDotCom's Internet Dialer to replace the existing Windows dialer with a more reliable and user-friendly dialer.

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Phone: 330-369-3617
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Tech Support Hours:
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 Using the NetDotCom E-mail Setup Wizard

The NetDotCom E-mail Setup Wizard makes it very easy to setup Windows email programs like Outlook, Outlook Express and Netscape.

1. Download the wizard to your computer. (Click here for help on downloading files to your computer)

2. Windows will prompt you "Open" or "Save" the file, click "Save"

3. Next you will asked where to save the downloaded file or your computer. We recommend your Windows desktop or "My Documents" or you can save it on a floppy diskette (A:).

4. Double click on the emailwiz.exe program from the location it was saved to in step 3.

5. Read the information provided then click the Accept button.

6. The "NetDotCom E-Mail Setup Wizard" window is shown below.


7. Type in the required information as illustrated below.

The required information to be typed in includes:

Full Name: Your first name, first & last name, nickname, initials, etc.

Email Address:
Your NetDotCom email address., or

: Your NetDotCom password.

Email Domain
: Click on the "down arrow" then select entry that matches your email address.
NOTE: If you have a personalized email domain, select "Customer" from the list.


8. Click the OK button to allow the wizard to configure your email program. 

During the configuration process, if any existing email accounts are detected, the wizard will prompt you to keep or remove them. Click Yes to keep the existing email accounts or click No to remove the existing email accounts.

Click No if you are having problems with your existing NetDotCom email or there are old (another ISP) accounts. IMPORTANT: “No” will remove ALL existing e-mail accounts, including non-NetDotCom email accounts, use with caution!

9. The wizard will prompt you when it is completed.

Instructions for installing and using the NetDotCom Internet Dialer can be found here.



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