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 Updating drivers or firmware for modems

How do I obtain updated drivers/firmware for my modem?

Maybe you are not connecting as fast as you'd like. Maybe you are getting disconnected or not getting connected at all. Whatever the reason, the first thing to do is obtain updated drivers and/or software and/or firmware for your modem to try to improve its performance. Typically, the drivers, software or firmware for your modem that comes with the modem or with Windows will be out of date. Thus, updates are essential to using the Internet. Modem updates are very important if you own a software-based modem.

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The following steps will guide you in obtaining updates for your modem:

Step 1: Identifying your modem

If you ever need to contact our support department or update your modem software, you will need to know what kind of modem you have. This means you must have the following information available:

  • Modem manufacturer (i.e., US Robotics, Conexant, Agere, Lucent, etc.)*
  • Modem make/model (i.e. Sportster voice internal, SupraExpress external, etc.)

Proceed with the following steps to identify the modem:

  1. Look in your computer's control panel.
    Windows 95/98/ME:
    Click START > Settings > Control Panel > Modems.
    Windows 2000: Click START > Control Panel > Phone & Modem Options > Modems tab.
    Windows XP: (Classic View) Click START > Control Panel > Phone & Modem Options > Modems tab.
    Windows XP: (Category View) Click START > Control Panel > Printer & Other Hardware > Phone & Modem Options > Modems tab.

    Apple Mac OS 8 to 9: Apple Menu > Control Panels > Modems.

    Note: The information listed in the Control Panels do not always identify the manufacturer. therefore it is important to verify this information with the following steps.
  2. Consult with your modem or computer documentation or invoice.
  3. Contact your computer manufacturer (if the modem came pre-installed in the computer) or contact the vendor you purchased the modem from.
  4. Consult with the following resources on the Internet.

    Once you have determined your modem's manufacturer, make & model, write it down with your other NetDotCom account information.

Step 2. Determine your modems' current software version number

Before updating your modem software or firmware, you need to know the current software or firmware version number. This can be obtained using the following instructions.

Note: You must be disconnected from the Internet to obtain the version number

  1. Download a Modem firmware identification program
  2. Determine your modems' software version in Windows 95, 98 or ME
  3. Determine your modems' software version in Windows 2000
  4. Determine your modems' software version in Windows XP

Step 3: Obtaining the modem update

If your modem came with your computer, go to your computer manufacturer's site. Look for modem updates in the Support, Download or Drivers section. If you are unable to find modem updates on your computer manufacturer's site, contact them via e-mail or phone for the location of the modem updates.

If your modem did not come pre-installed in your computer, or your computer manufacturer would not provide assistance, visit the modem manufacturer's site. Refer to your modem documentation for the address of the manufacturer's modem support web site. The following are some common modem manufacturer's sites, listed here for convenience's sake:

Selected Modem & Chipset Manufacturer Sites

Lucent & Agere LT Win modem
US Robotics & 3Com USR Win modem, Sportster, Courier
Zoom Telephonics Zoom Modems
Creative Labs ModemBlaster series Creative no longer manufacturers modems, support and updates are limited.
Diamond Multimedia SupraMAX, SupraExpress Diamond no longer manufacturers modems, support and updates are limited.
Motorola SM56, SM56 CNR riser, etc. Motorola no longer manufacturers modems, support and updates are limited.
Ambient/Cirrus Logic Ambient and Cirrus Logic no longer exist. Drivers for these modems may be obtained from Intel.
Conexant (formerly Rockwell) Rockwell/Conexant HCF, HSF Soft56. Conexant does directly not support modems that use their chipsets. They recommend you contact the actual modem manufacturer. However they do provide a generic driver.
PCTel HSP Micromodem. PCTel no longer provides support for their modem products. They have transferred all modem support to Conexant.

Step 4: Install the modem update

Installation procedures for you specific modem should be provided at the site your are downloading the update from. It is VERY IMPORTANT to follow the instructions exactly. If you have difficulties, you will need to contact the site you are downloading the update from. NetDotCom does not provide free assistance for installing modem updates. Please contact us via phone or e-mail for information on our computer support services.

Step 5: Try connecting to the Internet

After you have updated your modem software, verify that it functions properly by trying to connect to NetDotCom. If you were having connection problems with the modem, hopefully, the update will have corrected the issue. Keep in mind, it make take a while to notice a difference depending on the kinds of issues you were experiencing.


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