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V92 shortens the time it takes to connect to the Internet by remembering the phone line signal characteristics and storing them for later use.

Typically, the modem handshake (all that noise you hear at the beginning) takes about 30 seconds.

V92 generally shortens the modem connect time in half for most calls.

 Modem on Hold (MOH)

Most people only have a single phone line for both voice calls and Internet. So when your browsing the Internet, an incoming call cannot get through. Modem On Hold allows you to receive an incoming call and stay connected to the Internet.

For MOH you must have Call Waiting service from your local telephone company and a V92 modem with Modem On Hold capabilities.

Please check with your modem manufacturer for MOH support.

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NetDotCom Internet Services provides local access numbers in many areas of the United States with over 12,000 individual numbers.

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