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 NetDotCom Web TV Local Access Services.

NetDotCom sets the standard for quality, performance and value for Web TV local access. While there are other providers from which to choose, not one combines the quality, personal service and value we offer.

Recent changes at Web TV (purchased by Microsoft/MSN) have caused considerable disruption in their local access numbers. Many subscribers have unknowingly received expensive long distance charges on their local phone bills as a result of these changes.

Switch to NetDotCom for your Web TV access needs and only pay a fixed fee each month. And never get switched to a long distance number without your knowledge.

Web/MSN TV service from NetDotCom only provides a local access number for you to get online. The Web/MSN TV system still requires you to maintain a subscription with Web/MSN TV. Using NetDotCom for local access reduces the subscription fee paid to Web/MSN TV by $10.00 per month. Example: If you have a Plus receiver and use NetDotCom you would pay $14.95 to Web/MSN TV and $18.00 to NetDotCom for a total of $32.95 per month. 

All subscriptions include the following features:

  • A toll free call from most areas of the United States with over 12,000 access numbers.

  • Free nationwide roaming Use any number anywhere with no additional expense.

  • Unlimited Access for one fixed fee each month.

  • Free technical support for connection related issues from our highly skilled and experienced support staff.

  • Rarely; if ever; a busy signal, even during peak evening hours (6pm to 11pm), because of our industry leading, low 7:1 user to modem ratio. If you're getting busy signals, you're using the wrong provider!

 Web TV Local Access
Web/MSN TV Unlimited Local Access $18.00/month
Paper Billing Option (per billing cycle) $2.00
The price listed is for credit card or e-mail billing. The paper billing option provides printed bills that are mailed to your home address.
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