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 Contact Info

Trumbull Business Systems
3100 Youngstown Road
Warren, Ohio 44484

Phone: 330-369-3617
Fax: 330-369-3981

Tech Support Hours:
8:30 AM to 10:00 PM
Monday - Thursday

9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Friday - Sunday

Business Office Hours:
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Monday - Friday

 NetDotCom Dial-Up Internet Access Services.

NetDotCom sets the standard for reliability, performance and value for dial-up Internet access. While there are other providers from which to choose, not one combines the quality, value and features we offer.

NetDotCom offers customized services to fit your exact needs. NetDotCom combines a wide range of capabilities enabling us to provide unique solutions to unusual situations when compared to the "one-size-fits-all" offerings the impersonal national ISPs or telephone and cable companies. With NetDotCom you're a person, not just a number on someone's computer screen.

All subscriptions include the following features:
  • Free English speaking technical support

  • Free Anti-Virus Software

  • Free Junk E-Mail Filtering

  • Free Pop-Up Blocker

  • Free Anti-Spyware Software

  • Free Personal Firewall

  • Free web based e-mail

  • Five e-mail accounts

  • Free web space

  • Easy to use Internet software consisting of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook Express and other popular programs and must have utilities; like Instant Messenger, WinZip & Acrobat Reader.


 Unlimited Dial-Up Internet Access (Home and Business)



Four Months ($72.00 paid in advance) $18.00/month
Six Months ($102.00 paid in advance) $17.00/month
One Year ($192.00 paid in advance) $16.00/month
The prices listed above are for credit card/debit card  or e-mail billing.  
Paper Billing Option (per billing cycle) $2.00
This option provides printed bills that are mailed to your home or business address.
 Unlimited ISDN Internet Access (Home and Business)

128K Dedicated Dial-Up ISDN (selected locations only)


ISDN requires an ISDN Terminal Adapter and an ISDN phone line (~$25.00 more per month than a regular phone line). An ISDN line is a digital phone line that offers a true 128Kbps connection and the functionality of two individual phone lines. Compare this to regular phone lines and V.90 modems which typically achieve 45Kbps or less.
 Optional Dial-Up Internet Services
  • Additional E-Mail Accounts with ten megabytes storage each

  • Additional Dial-Up Accounts for individuals or businesses with the need to have more than one computer online at the same time.

  • Additional E-Mail Storage If you routinely deal with large e-mails or images, you can increase the size of you mailbox size.

  • Domain Name E-Mail Service provides for email addresses based on a domain name you select for yourself. Example:

  • Local Area Network installation and setup for individuals or businesses to share data, printers and Internet service among multiple computers. (Site evaluation required, call for more information or to schedule a visit)

 Optional Services

Additional E-Mail Account


Additional Dial-Up Accounts (each) $15.00/month
Extra Email Storage Space (10 MB) $5.00/month
Domain Name E-Mail Service (includes 5 additional e-mail accts) $5.00/month
Local Area Networking (requires on-site consult) Call for prices
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