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 NetDotCom Dedicated Internet Access Services

NetDotCom Dedicated Internet Access Solutions provides your business with a professional grade Internet connection. Dedicated Internet Access offers your business a full time Internet connection with the speed, performance and reliability that today's business climate dictates.

Dedicated DS-1 (also known as T-1) connectivity is the best solution for extensive Internet access requirements. Businesses with heavy Internet usage, such as engineering firms that upload and download large files, or "e-vendors" with busy sites will benefit from the speed and reliability that a dedicated DS-1 (T-1) connection offers.

Dedicated DS-1 are a step above other connection technologies like DSL or cable access due to a number of features. DS-1 connections are an extremely reliable & proven technology through years of deployment and maturity. DS-1 service is universally available with a wide variety of equipment manufacturers and technical support options to choose from. Cable Internet access requires equipment that is only available from the cable company and only supported by the local cable company. 

Cable Internet access is a recent add-on to a system primarily designed to deliver television signals rather than data transmission. Originally, cable Internet access was designed as a residential service, not foreseeing the requirements of business users. Downtime to a consumer is an inconvenience. Downtime to a business means lost income and productivity. DS-1 on the other hand was designed from the beginning to support data transmission and provides service uptime guarantees.

Cable Internet access (like DSL) is an asymmetrical service with the downstream speed to the user greater than the upstream speed to the Internet. This makes cable or DSL Internet unsuitable except as an access technology for surfing and email. DS-1 transmits and receives at the same speed. In addition cable and DSL networks are shared among many users, whereas DS-1 service is not shared, a dedicated circuit runs from your location to the Internet.

Dedicated, point-to-point high-speed connections are available at the following speeds: 256K 384K, 512K, 768K & 1536K

 NetDotCom Dedicated Internet Access Features
  • Unlimited usage of your dedicated line.

  • Static IP addresses for your servers and router.

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring of your circuit to ensure it's always up.

  • Domain Name Services setup and maintained by NetDotCom 

  • Free filtered e-mail that passes through NetDotComs' exclusive two stage spam blocker system to virtually eliminate junk e-mail. Optional

  • Free technical support from our highly skilled and experienced support staff.

  • On-site installation performed by our skilled and experienced computer technicians with years of experience.

  • Easy-to-understand prices and bills. You will receive one bill for all Internet services.

  • Flexible payment options; including cash, check or credit card.

  • Range of circuit speeds from 256Kbps to 1534Kbps to match your budget and performance needs.

  • An "always-on" connection dedicated to your business only.

  • More privacy, security and consistency than other Internet Access technologies because you're not sharing the connection with any other entity.

  • Outstanding performance from NetDotComs' fully redundant Internet backbone links that provide you more speed, less delays and no downtime!

 NetDotCom Dedicated Internet Access Pricing

Prices for dedicated Internet access are based on a number of factors, including the term length of the contract, the distance between NetDotCom's facility and your location and the circuit speed.

A quotation will be provided after a detailed analysis of your requirements.

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